Where should a newborn sleep at night

Where should a newborn sleep at night?

Where should a newborn sleep at night? Well, this is an important question to answer. A good place for the baby to sleep at night is in their own bassinet. They should not be sleeping on your bed with you because it could cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and there are other dangers that come along with that as well, that are:

Where should a newborn sleep at night? Do you have to co-sleep with them in the same bed all the time? Where are they safe if not in your room or their own crib? What about when you go out of town, how do you keep an eye on them then? These are just some of the questions that come up for new parents. Let’s take a look at what can be done to help answer these common concerns.

Where should a newborn sleep at night

I’m going to share my suggestions and personal experience with sleeping arrangements for babies. My daughter is 3 years old now, so these are things that I have done with her.

Where should I put my newborn to sleep?

They need to be in their own room with their crib or bassinet. This will help them learn the difference between being awake and sleeping. If they are in your room or in bed with you, they may not know when it’s time to rest because there are other environmental factors constantly surrounding them.

The best place for your baby to sleep at night is away from any distractions like the TV, air conditioner or lights that might keep them up later than what they intend to be up for. To start out with this routine, put them down while they are still awake so they can learn that it’s time to sleep when they are in their crib. With no distractions, they’ll have an easier time falling asleep on their own.

Where should a newborn sleep at night

What are the best places to put a newborn to sleep?

They need to be where you can easily see them, so if you put them down in the bassinet or crib right next to your bed, you won’t have very far to reach during the night when they start crying out. However, if they are in another room, you might not hear them when they wake up and cry out until it’s too late sometimes.

You could fall back asleep while they continue to cry and then not know how long it has been since the baby stopped making noise. That is why it is best for babies to sleep in the same room where you are sleeping at night. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is also reduced by having babies sleep on their backs.

Where should a newborn sleep at night?

 Sometimes it’s best to put them down in a bassinet near your bed where they can still be monitored easily through the night, but far enough away so that if they start crying out, you don’t wake up every time. After I had my daughter and we brought her home from the hospital, she went into our bedroom and slept in a bassinet right next to me for about 4 months actually.

Where should a newborn sleep at night

 Then when I started feeling more comfortable with her sleeping longer periods of time without waking up every hour, we moved her across the room to her own crib. She still slept right next to me so I could monitor her easily through the night.

Sometimes, you do have to sleep with your baby in the same bed if it is more practical. If they are breastfeeding during the night, it’s easier for them to just stay in the bed where you are instead of moving them all over the house trying to find a location that works best for both mommy and baby.

Also, what if they are just not sleeping well because they are sick or teething?

It may be best for everyone involved if mommy sleeps with them at night until they feel better instead of making it harder on everyone by moving around multiple rooms trying to get some shut-eye. So where should a newborn sleep at night? It depends.

Where should a baby sleep if they are sick or teething?

I always kept all of my kids in the same room with me while they were sick. They didn’t have to be right next to me, but it was easier for them and myself if we were not moving around trying to find a location that suited everyone’s needs while mommy had other things she needed to do like make bottles, change diapers, etc. If you can manage to keep them in another room where you won’t hear them coughing or whining unless you go check on them every 5 minutes, then by all means do so. That is ideal though.

Where should a newborn sleep at night

How to prepare your nursery for the baby?

 When we decorated our baby’s room, we were decorating it at the same time as my daughter’s nursery. We knew we were expecting a new little one around her first birthday so we wanted her to have the same theme in her room too. That way she didn’t feel left out or jealous of all the attention that was being given to this brand new little one coming into our family.

Do you have to sleep with them in the same bed all the time?

No. It is a myth that swaddled babies have to be co-sleeping at all times with their caregiver in order to be safe. In fact, it is recommended that the baby sleeps in its own bed for naps and nighttime sleep periods from birth onwards as long as there are no obstructions or anything else which could pose a risk of harm from the environment. Co-sleeping is not a requirement for swaddling success – it’s an option if you want to try it out.

Should a newborn sleep in a crib or bassinet?

Parents often ask me what is the right sleep environment for their newborn. This question arises in my clinic most commonly when a family’s baby has been diagnosed with reflux or some other condition that puts him at risk of breathing problems while sleeping. At this point, I review the AAP recommendations on safe sleep and discuss with parents what level of supervision is safest, where they can best see and hear their infant.

Where should a newborn sleep at night

But more families than you might think are concerned about whether or not that nice crib or bassinet is safer for their newborn than the co-sleeper that attaches to the bed, allowing them to be close and comfortable but also able to get up more easily through the night without disturbing mommy and daddy’s sleep.


Let’s be honest, the answer to where a newborn should sleep at night is not as simple as it seems. It all lies upon what you want for your baby and how much time you have to figure out your plan!

If you’re having trouble finding one solution that works for everyone, try trying different approaches. In any case, research shows that co-sleeping with babies can help them live longer and healthier lives so don’t let those studies scare you away from this option!

If nothing else, remember that bedtime routines are important for both parents and children alike, even if they’re sleeping separately. So take some time before going into each room to wind down together in order expectant or new parents will have less chance to develop sleep problems down the road. (:

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