Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review 2022: The Best Wipers, Suction Wipers & Test Winners

Welcome to the current one Wet dry vacuum test, Comparison & advice. There are many good reasons to buy a new wet dry vacuum cleaner.

  • Versatile: Thanks to the strong suction power, wet dry vacuum cleaners can absorb extreme dirt, which conventional vacuum cleaners fail.
  • Universal: You can soak up both dry and wet contaminants and liquids. Ideal after events or on construction sites.
  • Emergency workers: These devices can also help with unusual uses. Example: Suck water out of the defensive dishwasher.

The best 3 wet dry vacuum cleaners in the test and the test winners in a direct comparison

1st place: Tineco Floor One S5 Wet Drying Suction – Test, Experience and Evaluation

Tineco Smart kabelloser Nass-Trocken-Sauger Floor One S5 Aufladbarer All-in-One-Staubsauger Wischmopp mit Dual-Tank-Design | Selbstreinigung LED-Anzeige App-Steuerung für Harte Boden, Tierhaare

Tineco has been producing vacuum cleaners for almost 25 years and offers a range of wireless vacuum cleaners, including wet and dry vacuum cleaners. The Tineco Floor One S5 based on the previous model, the Floor One S3. The most important innovations include one larger tank for clean and dirty water as well as one better corner cleaning. This wireless wet and dry vacuum cleaner can suck and wipe at the same time, which reduces the cleaning time by half.

Der Tineco Floor One S5 Nass-Trockensauger im Einsatz.
The Tineco Floor One S5 wet dry vacuum cleaner in use.

The device is equipped with the intelligent iLoop sensor technology from Tineco, which can distinguish between wet and dry dirt. Depending on the task identified, the suction power, the water flow and the roller speed are adjusted accordingly.

Nice: the brush roller will automatically cleaned. In addition, the built-in language assistant is more than useful. He asks you to refill water, empty the dirty water tank and reminds you to start self-cleaning.

The associated app comes up with additional functions that are not available on the vacuum cleaner itself, such as. B. Volume control for the language assistant. The remaining battery life can also be found in the app.

Die Features auf der Verpackung.
The features on the packaging.

The structure and the interior

The device is practical after unpacking ready for immediate use. All you have to do is put the handle in the correct position and set up the charging station. The base is quite large, it takes up 32 × 31 cm on the floor.

There is a removable one on the back 0.8 liter tank for clean water, front is also a removable one 0.7 liter tank for dirty water. The tanks can be easily removed, emptied and filled. When the dirty water tank is full, the device switches off and the voice assistant reminds you to empty it. If the dirty water tank needs to be refilled, the voice assistant will also report, but the vacuum cleaner will not switch off automatically.

There is a on the housing of the vacuum cleaner large, round display, that shows the battery level and indicates whether you are cleaning in Max or Auto mode. There are also a number of other symbols that light up problems, e.g. B. if the dirty water tank needs to be emptied or the automatic cleaning program has to be carried out. A Illuminated ring the color changes on the edge of the display depending on the degree of contamination. It glows red when the vacuum cleaner detects a high dirt content and turns blue as the soil becomes clean.

The On / off switch is conveniently located on the handle, next to it there is a button for switching between car and max mode, the self-cleaning button is also at the upper end of the handle. During the self-cleaning function, clean water from the tank is used to clean the brush roller.

The Cleaning roller can be easily removed by removing the upper cover, and a replacement roller is included. So you can remove the wet roller and let it dry while the replacement roller is being used. The scope of delivery also includes a cleaning brush to clean the short pipe section between the roller and the dirty water tank. A Replacement filter as well as a bottle with cleaning solution are also included in the packaging.

The functions and the cleaning performance

The water tank is easy to fill, and since only one cap of the cleaning liquid is required, the bottle supplied is sufficient for several cleaning processes. The vacuum cleaner always starts in automatic mode, even if you used Max mode last time. He is very agile, can be easily driven around tight curves and pushes itself forward, making it difficult to move it.

When cleaning with maximum performance, the dirty water tank must be emptied after only six minutes and the fresh water tank refilled after only about eight minutes. Both last longer in car mode because not as much water is used as in Max mode. The floors remain slightly damp after cleaning, but not excessively wet, so that they dry quickly.

As expected, dried leftovers are not immediately removed. After a few wiping processes, however, all visible soiling is removed and dry impurities such as oatmeal and hair are also easily absorbed. The device effectively absorbs the dirt even at the edges of the baseboards.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner is ideally suited for spilled liquids such as. B. soak up milk. The liquid is quickly absorbed and at the same time the floor is cleaned, which is very useful for small children. Overall, it is impressive how much dirt the device removes from relatively clean floors.

It is interesting that the Dirt detection ring turns red and the cleaning stage is automatically increased when dirt is detected. This is especially important for areas of the floor that do not look dirty with the naked eye.

The language announcement draws attention to this when the Dirty water tank must be emptied. The process is very simple, but as Tip: Empty him in the toilet. Otherwise, if you choose the sink, all major soiling, including the hair, ends up in the pool, resulting in a fairly dirty sink that needs to be cleaned afterwards.

As soon as the device is on the charging station, it checks the Degree of pollution the brush roller and prompts for automatic cleaning if necessary. Cleaning takes about two minutes and is a completely independent process. So you can go away and do something else until the process is complete.

At the end of cleaning, it is advisable to Remove brush roller, so that it can dry thoroughly. But since there are two, you only have to replace them with those on the charging station so that one dries and the other is ready for use.

When cleaning in automatic and max mode, the Volume not above 72 dB, which corresponds to the noise level of a dishwasher during operation and is therefore acceptable.

The app and the battery

The Tineco Life App can be easily connected to the device and guides you through the device. Although an app is not essential for a wet dry vacuum cleaner, it does contain some useful functions. It allows you to change the language and volume of the voice announcements of the device and to mute the voice if you want.

There is Video tutorials on all topics, from filling and emptying the water container to removing the brush roller and cleaning. You can also tell the vacuum cleaner whether you Cleaning solution used or only cleaned with water. This allows him to adjust the settings if necessary, although this is also possible without the app.

There are other, probably less useful, features in the app, such as. B. Statistics on the time spent on cleaning and average daily use. The app does not necessarily have to be used regularly, but it is advisable to download it when setting up the device for the first time because it is used by the Initiation of a firmware upgrade carries out.

The Charging time the battery is 4 to 5 hours, a full charge is sufficient for about 35 minutes of operation. The Battery stood is displayed both during operation and during loading. If you are not near the vacuum cleaner, you can also check the battery level in the app, which provides additional information about the remaining time until full charging.

When used in Max mode, the Battery about 27 minutes, which is just below the 28 minutes specified by Tineco. It lasts longer in automatic mode, but the time varies because the automatic mode adjusts the performance depending on the degree of contamination. As soon as the battery reaches 10%, the display flashes to indicate that the charge level is low. A complete charge takes almost four hours.


The Tineco Floor One S5 is really worth it if you look at one Save work step would like. Most people suck or sweep the floor before wiping, this device saves this step. So the floor cleaning only takes half as long.

Who has children, will love the Tineco Floor One S5. The device makes short processes by wiping spilled liquids and washes the floor at the same time.

Both the vacuum cleaner and the charging station are quite bulky, so you can enough space needs to keep everything.


modelTineco Floor One S5 wet dry vacuum cleaner
weight4.5 kg
Dimensions ( L × B × H )27.3 × 26 × 110 cm
Suitable for hard floorsYes
Suitable for carpetsYes
Battery lifeapprox. 40 minutes
Changing the batteryNo
Fresh water tank capacity0.8L
Capacity of dirty water tank0.7L
volume72 dB

2nd place: Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Nass Dry Suction – Test, Experience and Evaluation

BISSELL CrossWave X7 Plus Cordless Pet | Erstklassiger 3-in-1- Multiflächen-Bodenreiniger (Wischen und Trocknen) | Kabelloser Bodenreiniger und Staubsauger | 3479N, Schwarz/Weiß mit Cha Cha Limette

The Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Nass Drying Suction is supplied with its own base station and only requires a few handles after unpacking to make it operational. In fact, all you have to do is connect the handle to the vacuum cleaner housing.

Der Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Nass-Trockensauger nach der Lieferung.
The Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Nass dry vacuum cleaner after delivery.

The vacuum cleaner is directly on the base station, a battery status display on the front of the device shows the State of charge at. The base station also functions as a self-cleaning area, so that the vacuum cleaner can shoot clean water through the components after cleaning the house – a step that should not be missed.

After the Upload of the device can start. All you have to do is fill the solvent tank with a little cleaner and warm water. When the X7 is switched on, a few beeps sound and the roller begins to spin immediately. The lights around the roller also switch on and illuminate the floor that you are cleaning in an appealing way.

The water from the fresh water tank is led into the cleaning area with the start button. The dirt and the polluted water are then sucked back into a separate tank, which must be emptied when it is full.

The functions and the cleaning performance

The Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Nass Drying Suction actually does what he promises. The device combines vacuuming and wiping in one step, doing both pretty well.

Emptying vacuum cleaners is usually a necessary evil, but emptying and cleaning the Crosswave X7 dirty water tank is easy. It is easy to take apart, so there is no tedious handling to get all the dirt out.

The Hair filter is a brilliant feature that you can use to easily remove all animal hair without mixing with all the dust. The device also has one Self-cleaning mode, so that all residues can be rinsed out between operations.

Der Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Nass-Trockensauger bei der Selbstreinigung.
The Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Nass dry vacuum cleaner during self-cleaning.

The Brush roller of the Bissell Crosswave X7 is suitable for both hard floors and carpets and can also remove grease and dirt from hard floors. This is a big plus when many small, sticky fingers spread their mischief in the house. The additional microfiber cloth leaves little to no stripes.

Most wet dry vacuum cleaners have a single water tank. The Bissell Crosswave X7 has one Double tank, the clean water and the cleaning solution can be stored separately from the dirty water and the dry residues.

On one side there is a pressure-controlled tank that outputs water and cleaning agents, on the other hand the dirty water removed from the floor is stored in a separate tank. The cleaning tank is also provided with measuring lines so that you know how much cleaning solution is required to clean the floors.

The device is also with a few intelligent touch controls equipped on the handle. This makes it easy to switch between the modes for cleaning hard floors and carpets. The cleaning solution with a demand-controlled trigger can also be controlled with it, so that just as much solvent is released as is necessary for the respective task. Smart!

The Bissell Crosswave Cordless and Max models are with one 3-in-1 charging station equipped in which the device can be cleaned, stored and charged at the same time. The docking station is equipped with a cleaning bowl and a flushing funnel, with which the device can be rinsed out after cleaning.

Most Bissell Crosswave models have a capacity of 0.4 l / 0.5 l for the dirt container and 0.8 l for the water tank. Compared to other vacuum cleaners, that’s pretty little. This means keeping an eye on the dirt container and emptying it fairly regularly, maybe even after every room you sucked in, which is not ideal.

The Bissell Crosswave Cordless and Max have a wireless runtime of 25 to 35 minutes with a 36 V lithium-ion battery. This is not particularly much when you consider that most wireless wet dry vacuum cleaners have a running time of around 60 minutes. However, the Bissell Crosswave Pet is supplied with a cable, so this option should be taken into account when sucking large areas.


The X7 is good at what it does. The battery lasts over 30 minutes, the device is light and relatively easy to clean. But unlike a vacuum cleaner, you have to make sure that it is cleaned and dried every time, otherwise it may smell unpleasant in the end.

If you Children and pets and need a fast and handy device to remove various types of pollution in the house, the CrossWave X7 will serve you well.


modelBissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Nass Drying Suction
weight4.54 kg
Dimensions ( L × B × H )27 × 27 × 63.5 cm
Suitable for hard floorsYes
Suitable for carpetsYes
Battery lifeapprox. 35 minutes
Changing the batteryNo
Fresh water tank capacity0.8L
Capacity of dirty water tank0.5L
volume77 dB

3rd place: Kärcher FC 7 Cordless Wet Dry Suction or. Hard floor cleaner – test, experience and evaluation

Price reduced

Kärcher Hartbodenreiniger FC 7 Cordless - elektrischer und kabelloser Bodenwischer für 135 qm - müheloses Reinigen bei nur 71 dB in einem Arbeitsgang, Gelb

The Kärcher FC 7 Cordless Wet Dry Suction or. Hard floor cleaner is 121 cm high and weighs 4.3 kg empty. The battery life is a good 45 minutes and is recharged within 4 hours. This allows the device to clean an area of up to 135 m ². The fresh water tank almost 400 ml of water, the dirty water tank is relatively small and only offers 200 ml capacity. The maximum working volume is 71 dB, according to the manufacturer.

Der Kärcher FC 7 Cordless Nass-Trockensauger bzw. Hartbodenreiniger.
The Kärcher FC 7 Cordless Wet Dry Suction or. Hard floor cleaner.

The included accessories includes a small cleaning brush and a tiny amount of cleaning agents that you fill into the water tank. The dirty water tank is located directly between the rollers on the floor.

Three controls are installed at the top of the handle, the start button, a button to start the water flow and a button for the step selection ( 1 or 2, means more or less water, with different soil types ).

Right under the buttons there is a small display on which the charge level indicator of the battery, the selected level and the level of the tanks are displayed.

On the back of the handle is the fresh water tank, which can be easily removed. The power connection is also directly on the handle, there is no base station on which the device is charged, but it is connected directly to the socket.

There are four rollers on the underside, which can be removed with a slight rotary movement. The roles are marked in color on the pages ( green and blue ) so that they can be placed in the correct order. The rolls can be washed in the washing machine.

The cleaning performance

The cleaning performance is really impressive, the device absorbs dirt of all kinds excellently. Because the rollers fill the entire device, it works Ideal edge cleaning. However, there is another disadvantage here, the rollers have a 2 cm gap in the middle, so you may have to drive over heavily soiled areas again. But this is definitely a smaller problem than the 2 cm gap on the sides that is common for competing devices, which means that edge cleaning is not carried out satisfactorily.

Cleaning with the Kärcher is really fun, you almost have the feeling that you are operating a small hovercraft. The device runs smoothly and never gets caught.

The possibility of the device is particularly good completely flat to be able to do so that it can clean almost like a flat suction robot under all furniture up to the wall below.

conclusion: It’s really fun to clean with the kärcher. The device is flat, the edge cleaning works perfectly, the processing is coherent and of high quality, the overall package is really excellent here. A sky-wide difference to a normal mop and in some points much better than comparable competing devices.


modelKärcher FC 7 Cordless Wet Dry Suction or. Hard floor cleaner
weight4.3 kg
Dimensions ( L × B × H )78 × 39 × 32 cm
Suitable for hard floorsYes
Suitable for carpetsNo
Battery life45 min
Changing the batteryNo
Fresh water tank capacity0.4L
Capacity of dirty water tank0.2L
volume71 dB

Further wet dry vacuum cleaners, wiping suction cups and suction wipers in the test

Tesvor R5 muffler or. Wet dry vacuum cleaner

3in1 Nass-Trocken-Staubsauger,Tesvor R5 Bodenreiniger Smarter kabelloser Wischmopp im Dual-Tank-Design Selbstreinigungssystem Waschsauger saugt wischt & trocknet für alle Böden LED-Anzeige

The Tesvor R5 mop vacuum weighs 5.2 kg and has a comfortable working height of almost 120 cm. The ( interchangeable ) battery has a capacity of 3200 mA, which is a comparatively long one Cleaning time of up to 50 minutes. The fresh water tank holds 900 ml, 700 ml fit in the dirty water tank.

Der Tesvor R5 Wischsauger bzw. Nass-Trockensauger bei der Testfahrt.
The Tesvor R5 muffler or. Wet dry vacuum cleaner on the test drive.

The functionality of the Tesvor R5 is similar to that of other mop sucks. Water is transported to the rotating roll from the fresh water tank placed above. After the suction process, the collected dirt is transferred to the dirty water tank. After work is done, the dirty water tank must be emptied and cleaned.

The device is relatively bulky compared to competing devices, but is very agile thanks to the flexible joint. The cleaning roller does not reach the edges, you have approx. 1 cm offset each, which means that you cannot reach the floor completely up to the wall during longitudinal cleaning.

In the Dirty water tank there is a sieve below, which you can remove and clean. Very useful, for example, if you regularly suck a lot of dog hair. The fresh water tank with its 900 ml capacity is comparatively large and should be sufficient for a cleaning of a good 150 m2.

Das Zubehör kann sich sehen lassen.
The accessories are impressive.

At the Base station the device can be charged and, if necessary, the Self-cleaning function perform. At the bottom of the base station there are a few small brushes at the front, which have the task of removing excess hair during self-cleaning. Clever!

So in the Scope of delivery a replacement filter for the dirty water tank, a replacement roller, a cleaning brush for the dirt channel of the device, an operating manual and the power supply. The battery can be removed, but no replacement battery is included, you have to buy it yourself if necessary.

The display is located at the top of the handle and shows the current intensity level using a pulsating ring. This is not only helpful, it also looks damn cool!

At the handle themselves are two buttons, to switch on the automatic or optionally the Max mode. On the back of the handle there is a button with which you can use the Water supply switches on and off. The process is accompanied by a voice announcement ( water supply on / off ). The same button also activates the self-cleaning function when the device is in the base station.

The cleaning performance

There were no complaints about the cleaning performance in tests. Both heavy liquids, such as mustard, and soiling with heavy particles ( such as muesli with milk ) are cleaned without hesitation, usually the first time you drive over them.

Thanks to the flexible joint, the device also comes a few centimeters under sofas, which makes cleaning such areas much easier. With very flat furniture, however, the cleaning no longer works, because when the rod is pressed down by less than 45 degrees, the front part takes off.


A flawless wet dry vacuum cleaner with no noteworthy weaknesses. Convinced by the size: The tanks and the battery are larger than the competition and therefore allow longer cleaning without refilling or reloading. Despite the size, the device is nice and flexible and you can enjoy the beautiful display. A successful mix of performance, appearance and price.


modelTesvor R5 muffler or. Wet dry vacuum cleaner
weight5.2 kg
Dimensions ( L × B × H )33 × 35 × 119 cm
Suitable for hard floorsYes
Suitable for carpetsYes
Battery lifeapprox. 50 minutes
Changing the batteryYes
Fresh water tank capacity0.9L
Capacity of dirty water tank0.7L
volume75 dB

Fakir Premium SR 9800 S wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Wiper vacuum

Price reduced

Fakir Premium SR 9800 S - Nass- & Trockensauger I Reinigungsgerät für Polster I Mehrzweck-Teppichreinigungsmaschine mit 4,3L Wassertank & Möbel- & Fugendüsen I 1600 Watt

The Fakir Premium SR 9800 S wet and dry vacuum cleaner is not only suitable for the two purposes mentioned in its name, but can also be operated as a washing vacuum cleaner with a power of 1600 watts. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for hard floors and carpets as well as for allergy sufferers, since there is practically no dust when the dust container is emptied. The device has an effective range of 8 meters and is equipped with two large, smooth-running wheels and two swivel wheels on the chassis. The equipment includes a stainless steel collecting container and a 22-liter dirty water tank.

The device also includes an external 4.3-liter fresh water tank and a comfortable automatic cable winding system that can be used to avoid wire tangling and to quickly reach the parking position.

Der Fakir Premium SR 9800 S Nass-Trockensauger in der etwas ramponierten Verpackung.
The Fakir Premium SR 9800 S wet dry vacuum cleaner in the somewhat battered packaging.

The extremely small compressor drive of the washing vacuum cleaner consumes only 1600 watts and generates a suction power of 2200 watts. As a result, less power is required with the same suction power. The cleaning liquid is sprayed directly into the carpet so that the stuck dirt can be easily sucked out.

conclusion: Excellent workmanship, strong suction power and perfect cleaning result. Fakir can achieve really good results, but it doesn’t have to hide behind industrial cleaners. Nevertheless, it is advisable to read the instructions for use first, otherwise you will unconsciously give away the functions of the Fakir or cause unnecessary difficulties.


modelFakir Premium SR 9800 S Wet Dry Suction
weight11.1 kg
Dimensions ( L × B × H )33 × 56 × 38 cm
Suitable for hard floorsYes
Suitable for carpetsYes
Battery lifeNo battery
Changing the batteryNo battery
Fresh water tank capacity4.3L
Capacity of dirty water tank22L
volume81 dB

Kärcher WD 6 P S V-30/6/22 / T wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Wiper vacuum

Price reduced

Kärcher Nass-/Trockensauger WD 6 P S V-30/6/22/T, Blasfunktion, Leistung: 1300 W, Edelstahlbehälter: 30 l, Saugschlauch: 2,2 m, mit Steckdose, Werkzeugschlauch & -adapter, Filter, Boden- &...

The Kärcher WD 6 P S V-30/6/22 / T wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a universal weapon against all types of pollution. With only 1300 watts, it effortlessly removes fine and coarse particles and leaves a clean surface in the house, in the workshop or in the garden.

The integrated flat-fold filter ensures that the vacuum cleaner can also absorb wet dirt without having to change the filter in between. Also on surfaces that cannot be sucked up with the vacuum cleaner, such as. B. gravel beds, the dirt can be easily blown away using the blowing function.

Der Kärcher WD 6 P Nass-Trockensauger.
The Kärcher WD 6 P wet dry vacuum cleaner.

The WD 6 P S V-30/6/22 / T wet and dry vacuum cleaner is with one 30-liter stainless steel container, a 6-meter cable and a 2.2-meter suction hose equipped.

The Drain screw enables easy draining of the extracted liquid. Power tools such as saws or grinders can be connected via an integrated socket with an automatic switch. The resulting dirt is sucked off directly.

The suction power can be set with a rotary switch as required. By unfolding the filter cassette, the flat pleated filter is removed without contact with dirt. The filter can also be effectively cleaned by pressing the cleaning button so that the suction power can be easily restored.

The blowing function comes into play when cleaning fragile objects. Thanks to the removable handle with electrostatic protection, the device can be attached directly to the suction hose, which is particularly useful when vacuuming fine dust.

The suspension of the suction hose on the head on both sides of the device and the parking position of the floor nozzle also save space.

Conclusion: The device impresses with its high suction power for dust and coarser dirt. Dry and wet dirt are easily removed. The WD6 has perfect rolling ability. The suction container can be opened quickly and easily, emptied and a filter change carried out. The noise level is relatively pleasant and the quality of workmanship is excellent.


modelKärcher WD 6 P S V-30/6/22 / T wet dry vacuum cleaner
weight13 kg
Dimensions ( L × B × H )41.8 × 38.2 × 69.3 cm
Suitable for hard floorsYes
Suitable for carpetsYes
Battery lifeNo battery
Changing the batteryNo battery
Fresh water tank capacity30L
Capacity of dirty water tank30L
volume74 dB

Bosch Professional GAS 35 L SFC + Wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Industrial vacuum cleaner

Bosch Professional Industriestaubsauger GAS 35 L SFC+ (1200 Watt, 35 L Behälter, 3 m Schlauch, im Karton)

With the Bosch Professional GAS 35 L SFC + a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner is on the market, with which you can work dust-free. The 1st. 380 watt motor power produces a vacuum of up to 254 mbar and is suitable for sucking dry and wet dirt. The suction housing also contains a 23-liter container and a stable chassis for comfortable transport.

Der Bosch Professional GAS 35 L SFC+ Nass-Trockensauger bzw. Industriestaubsauger.
The Bosch Professional GAS 35 L SFC + Wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Industrial vacuum cleaner.

The device is designed for the Dust class L, d. H. it is ideal for sucking dust from conifers such as spruce, fir or pine. Anyone who works a lot with such materials –, for example carpenters or furniture builders –, can create a low-dust and clean environment with the GAS 35 L SFC + right from the start.

By the integrated remote control the vacuum cleaner starts automatically when the connected device is put into operation. After switching off, the device continues to run for seven seconds until the hose is completely empty.

An additional sensitive option of the GAS 35 L SFC + Professional is the option of simply mounting a so-called L-BOXX on the vacuum cleaner. In this way, additional tools can be carried back-friendly and without slipping. Additional devices, cables and pants can be connected directly to the vacuum cleaner at the integrated sockets.

The cleaning of the GAS 35 L SFC + flat fold filter is possible without any problems thanks to the semi-automatic cleaning function of the SFC + filter. A simple key press on the SFC + is enough to solve the problem. The work can be resumed immediately after a short cleaning.

conclusion: A recommended quality product, suitable for purely professional use, but also for the hobby area.


modelBosch Professional GAS 35 L SFC + Wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Industrial vacuum cleaner
weight11.6 kg
Dimensions ( L × B × H )74 × 59 × 40 cm
Suitable for hard floorsYes
Suitable for carpetsYes
Battery lifeNo battery
Changing the batteryNo battery
Fresh water tank capacity35L
Capacity of dirty water tank35L
volume80 dB

Thomas Pet and Family Aqua + Wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Wiper vacuum

Thomas Pet and Family Aqua+ Staub- und Waschsauger

The Thomas Pet and Family Aqua + is a wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Wiper vacuum cleaner for pet owners – hygienic, powerful and environmentally friendly. Not a vacuum cleaner bag, but a water tank that absorbs all the dirt and hair. Regardless of whether it is the floor or the sofa ( and even the bed ), the device cleans amazingly thoroughly.

Der Thomas Pet and Family Aqua+ Nass-Trockensauger bzw. Wischsauger.
The Thomas Pet and Family Aqua + Wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Wiper vacuum.

The vacuum cleaner is quite large and heavy, now I am used to heavier vacuum cleaners and luckily I find it very handy and agile. It is striking that the device sucks really well.

The highlight is the water filter. I’ve never been interested in vacuum cleaners, but this water filter is special. You no longer need a vacuum cleaner bag because you simply pour about 1 liter of water into the container. When the vacuum cleaner sucks dry, all the dirt and dog hair collect in the water tank. The mixture is then simply poured into the toilet.

To be honest, I had reservations about vacuuming with a water system. But after using this system regularly, I am convinced. It sucks very well and bad smells and whirled up dust are a thing of the past.

Depending on the attachment used, the vacuum cleaner can make some noise. I personally don’t find that annoying. However, it is important to dispose of the dirty water after use, for example in the drain or in the toilet.

You must also rinse and dry the dirty water tank and filters after use. That may sound like a lot of work, but I personally find it very easy. The first time you have to be careful what you do, but then it is faster every time.

Vacuuming with the dust bag is also fine. It is a large bag that will last a long time. The advantage is that you don’t have to clean the bag. If you have to soak up a lot of hair and scattered cat litter, I want to be able to throw it in the trash can. Then I just shake the bag out into the trash can.

conclusion: All in all, I am very satisfied with this vacuum cleaner. It has a nice, cheeky color and it sucks and cleanses well. It comes with different attachments so you can use the right attachment in any situation. However, the vacuum cleaner is a little heavy. If you have to carry it up several floors, it may not be that pleasant. But on the other hand, it is a large vacuum cleaner that can also absorb a lot of dirt.


modelThomas Pet and Family Aqua + Wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Wiper vacuum
weight8.25 kg
Dimensions ( L × B × H )48.6 × 31.8 × 30.6 cm
Suitable for hard floorsYes
Suitable for carpetsYes
Battery lifeNo battery
Changing the batteryNo battery
Fresh water tank capacity1.8L
Capacity of dirty water tank1.8L
volume72 dB

Leifheit Regulus Aqua PowerVac Wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Suction wipers

Price reduced

Leifheit Akku Saugwischer Regulus Aqua PowerVac, saugen und wischen, leichter Nasssauger mit leistungsstarken 24V, kabelloser Waschsauger mit 22 min Akku-Laufzeit, Staubsauger mit Standfunktion

The Leifheit Regulus Aqua PowerVac Wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Suction wipers weighs only 3.3 kg and has a height of almost 90 cm. The battery has a capacity of 2500 mA hours. This allows the device to clean for up to 22 minutes at a time, depending on the cleaning stage, which is not a lot. The working volume is 83 dB, which is quite neat and certainly not whisper-quiet. The fresh water tank has a capacity of 500 ml, the dirty water tank is 400 ml. Like almost all modern wipers, the performance has a comfortable self-cleaning function.

Der Leifheit Regulus Aqua PowerVac Nass-Trockensauger bzw. Saugwischer.
The Leifheit Regulus Aqua PowerVac wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Suction wipers.

The included accessories are limited to a small filter that is placed over the dirty water tank. There is also a fairly thick operating manual, the power supply and the charging station, which should be called a base station or parking station, because the device is not charged on it.

The roll is very fluffy, but has a few green, harder bristles in the middle, which are intended for stubborn dirt. In the basic version, the device is delivered with only one roll, but there is also one Premium version, in which three replacement rolls are included.

As usual, some cleaning agents are filled into the fresh water tank attached high up. There is even a reference to the tank “ Use little ”, so freely translated “ use only little ”.

At the top of the handle are two buttons, the on and off switch and the button for the two available power levels. The water supply button is located at the back of the handle, which can be used to control when and how much water is added to the roll.

It is unpleasant that the device is relatively loud at the highest level and the frequency is also perceived as unsightly. The same applies to the self-cleaning function, in which the device has disadvantages compared to the competition both in volume and in frequency range.

conclusion: the device does what it should: it cleans. However, compared to top devices, it drops quite a bit in terms of cleaning performance, processing quality and volume. The maneuverability and flexibility to get under sofas, for example, also drop something. The angular housing in which the cleaning brush is housed gives you a good one and a half centimeters of plastic on each side. This makes edge cleaning a little more difficult, this strip does not remain wiped.


modelLeifheit Regulus Aqua PowerVac Wet dry vacuum cleaner or. Suction wipers
weight3.3 kg
Dimensions ( L × B × H )89.6 × 22.2 × 31.8 cm
Suitable for hard floorsYes
Suitable for carpetsYes
Battery life22 min
Changing the batteryNo
Fresh water tank capacity0.5L
Capacity of dirty water tank0.4L
volume83 dB

Buy wet dry vacuum cleaners, mop vacuum cleaners or suction wipers: you should pay attention to this

When choosing the right wet dry vacuum cleaner, wipe vacuum cleaner or suction wiper, you should consider a few criteria. Here are the most important of them:

What distinguishes the wet dry vacuum cleaner from conventional vacuum cleaners?

Wet dry vacuum cleaners are experts when the capacities of a conventional vacuum cleaner are insufficient. Thanks to larger dust and dirt containers and the diameter of the suction pipes, strong suction power and filter settings tailored to them, they do not shy away from coarse dirt.

To clean large amounts of water or even wet soiling, the device must first be switched off for a short time so that the paper filter bag and / or the motor filter can be removed or replaced by a suitable filter, otherwise larger quantities can be sucked up. Some models can be used without having to change the filter from dry to wet cleaning.

Wet dry vacuum cleaners are suitable for many different applications. They are often used in workshops and garages. They are also used in apartments, especially where there is a lot of dust and wet dirt. They are also useful for cleaning cars, trucks and other large areas and objects.

What should you look for when buying a wet dry vacuum cleaner?

You have to make a clear distinction between household appliances and commercial devices. You do not need a large, workshop-compatible wet dry vacuum cleaner at all costs, a smaller wiping vacuum cleaner or suction wiper is usually sufficient. If you want to soak up a large amount of water, a professional wet dry vacuum cleaner is the most suitable.

Performance and suction power

The performance of the device is usually directly reflected in its suction power. The power levels fluctuate between 1000 and 2000 watts as a rough guide. An output of around 1500 watts is considered a good average for most devices. If you want to buy a wet dry vacuum cleaner, make sure that it has an adjustable suction power. Large-scale cleaning of cars may require more power than cleaning a car.

Size of the tanks

The size of the container depends on the type and size of your device. Most wet and dry vacuum cleaners for workshops have a capacity of 20 to 30 liters, which corresponds to about 2 – 3 buckets of water. If you now want a wet vacuum cleaner, you should keep in mind that the container must also be moved, which is sufficient, otherwise it will be too heavy.

The wet dry vacuum cleaners for the household ( the standing models ) have a much smaller capacity, usually the capacity of the fresh and water tanks is less than one liter. However, these devices also serve a different purpose and should not absorb tons of water, as is the case with workshop devices.

Cable / suction hose length in the industrial vacuum

For sufficient comfort when working, you need a cable length of about five meters. The suction hose should be at least 2 meters long.

Pants diameter in the industrial vacuum

A diameter that is too small can lead to suction pants and suction pipes being clogged. If possible, choose a device with a diameter of at least 30 mm for the pants and pipes.


There are different types of wet vacuum cleaners, which means that there are also different nozzles. The most common are nozzles such as joint nozzle, suction nozzle, upholstery nozzle and floor nozzle. Larger areas can be cleaned quickly and easily with the wider floor nozzle. The joint nozzle has a stronger suction power than the conventional nozzle and is therefore suitable not only for cleaning smaller joints, e.g. to remove strongly adhering hair from cushions, where they are difficult to reach.

What types of wet dry vacuum cleaners, mop suckers and suction wipers are there?

  • All means are the simplest type of wet dry vacuum cleaners. They have no additional functions such as detergent nozzles and blower functions.
  • Wash vacuum can emit water or special cleaning liquids or shampoo via nozzles. This » washing « loosens the dirt. The vacuum cleaner then absorbs the dirt together with its cleaning liquid through the suction function. Because of this principle, vacuum cleaners are particularly suitable for removing stuck dirt. Wash vacuum cleaners also remove fine dust and smells better than dry vacuum cleaners.
  • Wet vacuum cleaner with blowing function are able to suck in air, but they also emit it under pressure. You can use the vacuum cleaner as a mini leaf blower. The blowing function is also useful for removing dirt from hard-to-reach places.
  • Wet vacuum cleaner with cleaning brushes are particularly suitable for cleaning carpets. The brushes are used to apply the cleaning liquid thoroughly to the carpet. Devices with an independently rotating cleaning brush can increase their cleaning performance. Sometimes these vacuum cleaners are also called carpet cleaners.
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner are designed for heavy cleaning tasks. They usually have a large suction volume and powerful motors. You can usually pick up any type of dirt without clogging. In addition, the devices are often equipped with sockets for connecting electrical devices.

Interesting facts about mop suckers and suction wipers

Suction wipers can save a lot of time. Cleaning an entire house by hand is a sweaty affair. This applies in particular if smooth soils do not have to be wiped. It may sound tempting to suck and wipe with the suction wiper at the same time, but it is not the perfect solution. Depending on the version, the devices have their advantages and disadvantages and have some restrictions. For example, not all models can be used on all floors.

Particularly annoying: after wiping, some devices leave a thin layer of water on the floor, which can lead to the swelling of untreated wooden floors with regular use.

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