How to put your bed in zero gravity

How to put your bed in zero gravity?

How to put your bed in zero gravity? This is the most asked question. Upon waking up in the morning after a good night’s sleep, do you try to find out how much time you’ve wasted lying on your bed? It is something that most people would like to know. Nevertheless, there are models which can help us know how many hours we’ve spent sleeping or resting our bodies against it. These models will allow you to place your bed into zero gravity positions.

What is zero gravity?

According to NASA, “Zero gravity is a condition where one finds himself/herself in the absence of any gravitational force and objects and people placed in it will continue to be on an equal footing as far as movement is concerned. This state of weightlessness occurs when objects reach free fall asleep or orbit around some other body such as celestial bodies like planets, black holes etc.” The example given below explains how this happens. You will fall asleep like you’re in heaven.

How to put your bed in zero gravity

How does this happen?

To begin with, the person stands by the side of his/her bed and holds its frame (or headboard) firmly with one hand close to its top end. While holding it like this, he/she needs to use their other hand to push the bed’s footboard downwards.

This way, the feet of your mattress will get elevated. After this, he/she needs to adjust the height so that it is comfortable to rest their body on it. The person can keep his/her back straight while they are resting on their beds by following this method.

Is there any other method?

Yes, here are some useful tips which you should know if you want to place your bed into zero-g position:

The first thing which you need to do is to roll up a towel and pad its middle area with pillows at the end where your head would rest when lying down on it. You can also use rolled-up clothes instead of towels in order to make your headrest more comfortable on pillows. Once you’re done with it, lay down completely and place your chin near the towel circled pad.

Now comes the difficult part which is to straighten out your legs while holding on to your bed or its frame firmly. You can also use a belt for this purpose if you want (you should tie it at both ends of your bed’s headboard). The final step is to get rid of the belt and push down your feet against the floor tightly. This method will lift up your waist and put your body into a zero-gravity position easily.

You need to follow these simple steps in order to place your bed into zero gravity position:

1- Sit on one end of the mattress and hold on to the bed.

2- Bend your knees and place them at the end of the bed; then, lie down on it.

3- Press your feet tightly against the floor to raise your waist.

The method is simple but you need to be very careful when carrying out these steps in order not to hurt yourself while trying to get into a zero-gravity position. It may sound easy but it becomes difficult for some people. If you are one of those who find it hard, try these tips mentioned above with patience and do not rush through anything. They’re kept at bay too, thanks to gravity’s pull which keeps pesky stomach acids from bubbling up into the oesophagus.

Bed With Zero-Gravity Preset:

How to put your bed in zero gravity
Zero-Gravity Bed

On the off chance that your movable bed as of now has a zero-gravity preset, you can move to this situation with the press of a button.

Numerous movable bed outlines pair with remote controllers, or they’re Bluetooth-viable. You can tell if your bed has one of these presets by searching for a Zero-G button on the base’s comparing remote.

Beds Without a Zero-Gravity Preset Function:

How to put your bed in zero gravity
How to put your bed in zero gravity?

You may also choose a regular bed frame that does not have a function for adjusting the gravity-defying position. So, how will you adjust your regular mattress in order to get into a zero-gravity position?

Steps Involved: If you are using any other ordinary mattress without gravitational settings then at first, lie down on it and straighten out your back while keeping your feet together.

After this, lift up both of your legs slowly while pressing them against the floor or bed firmly. This way, you can place your bed into a zero gravity position easily.

Remember that locking off the knee joints plays an important part in putting your body into this ‘weightless’ position! Once you’ve managed to do so, relax completely while your back is being pressed comfortably against the mattress/floor.

Benefits of the zero-gravity sleep positions:

There are a number of benefits of sleeping on your back or on either side instead of your stomach. First, it can help in preventing snoring.

Also, you will experience complete relaxation and relieve pressure from your body while lying on a mattress that offers zero-gravity support! There are a lot more other advantages associated with the usage of these kinds of mattresses for better sleep.

 Some people find it hard to put their beds into the zero-gravity position but as mentioned above, there is no need to worry as some air mattresses or weightless bed frames come equipped with an electric pump which makes the procedure very convenient and quick.

So, never shy away from asking any questions related to this topic whenever you feel stuck at any stage during the process.

There are many advantages of resting on a zero-gravity customizable bed, including better breathing and expanded flow.

It can likewise lighten some rest issues like wheezing by taking into account better wind streams. Beneath, we survey a portion of the advantages of dozing in a zero-gravity position and how they can further develop rest.

Improved Heart Health:

The research carried out in recent years has confirmed that people who sleep on their backs or on either side have better heart health than people who sleep on their stomachs.

This is because sleeping in these weightless positions can help to regulate the pressure points, and hence improve your cardiovascular system faster. That is why manufacturers of high-quality gravity-defying beds make use of this information when creating products for people with such needs.

Fewer Neck and back pain:

Sleeping on your stomach can actually give you a stiff neck pain and backache. This is because there is no spinal or neck support that comes into place while sleeping on your abdomen.

As far as weightless beds are concerned, they allow the user to lay down comfortably without feeling any pressure points. Also, these types of beds are designed after taking into consideration the natural curves of the human body so you never have to worry about getting your mattress adjusted for increased relaxation or reduced pain! This will prevent you from neck pain.

Increased Relaxation:

If you are looking forward to having more relaxation time during naptime then buying an Air Mattress which offers zero gravity settings can be really helpful! The best part about using these kinds of mattresses is that they will help you to set the perfect zero gravity position easily.

Also, you will never have to worry about getting your mattress adjusted for proper body alignment as these beds are designed according to the human body’s natural curves!

Superior Sleep Quality:

If you’ve been facing problems like insomnia or sleep apnea then buying a mattress that offers zero-gravity support can greatly help in improving your sleeping habits. This is because these kinds of beds are designed after considering the natural curves of the human body.

Also, their design allows people with chronic pain to get comfortable and relaxed while laying down for hours on end without feeling any discomfort!

Better Breathing and Reduced Snoring:

The Electric Adjustable Zero Gravity Bed is the perfect solution for snoring issues. This is because they are created with a space-saving design so if your bed doesn’t have enough space then buying one of these beds can be really helpful!

Also, their ergonomic design makes them completely adjustable to your needs which means that you can use these gravity-defying beds for reducing complaints related to poor sleeping posture as well!

Effective Pain Relief:

Sleeping on an Electric Adjustable Zero Gravity Bed allows you to get rid of chronic pains in the back and hips area quite easily. So, if you’re suffering from any kind of chronic pain then make sure that you purchase one of these weightless beds at the earliest possible convenience!

How to put your bed in zero gravity
How to put your bed in zero gravity?

How to Deal with Back Pain?

Sleeping upright in a zero-gravity position helps to alleviate and relieve back pain and headaches. So, if you’re suffering from any kind of back pain then we recommend that you start using a mattress that offers zero-gravity support right away.

Remember that you will get the best results when you pair your gravity-defying bed with proper pillows and mattresses so buy them together for getting maximum benefits.

Use Spine Correcting Pillows:

If you are looking for an effective way to fight back pain then spine correcting pillows can be of great help! These kinds of pillows are designed in a way that they completely support the neck, head, and shoulders while keeping your spine in its natural straight position.

You can either choose memory foam or water-based pillows but their usage has shown to be more beneficial in comparison with normal squishy pillows. So, make sure that you are choosing the right type if you want optimal pain relief!

How to Sleep on an Adjustable Bed?

Remember that you will get the best results when your electric adjustable bed is located near a wall because it will allow you to fully utilize the power of gravity when using this type of bed.

Also, make sure that you have an adequate amount of storage space so you can comfortably place all your necessary items in your room.

How to Choose a Zero Gravity Mattress?

There are many different types of zero gravity mattresses available on the market right now! So, in order to find the most suitable one for yourself, we recommend that you go shopping with a clear budget and idea about what exactly you’re looking for in a mattress!

Also, think about how much money you want to spend on your new purchase and then try comparing different gravity-defying beds!


Remember that there are many different types of gravity-defying beds available on the market right now so just pick one that suits your needs and preferences!

Also, try to get a bed that is equipped with an adjustable base for getting the best sleep experience possible!

The next time when you go out shopping for mattresses, make sure that you consider purchasing an electric adjustable bed without thinking too much about it! Also, remember to check the warranty before buying one.

Gravity-defying beds are becoming more and more popular these days because of their ability to provide better comfort levels to people with chronic pain issues. Lying on zero gravity beds will make you healthy also it will help in better blood flow and blood circulation.

So, try using them as soon as possible if you want to get rid of your pains in a quick, convenient fashion! If you face any kind of difficulties while shopping for a zero-gravity mattress then feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below! 🙂


Is it OK to sleep in a zero-gravity position?

Indeed, particularly in light of the fact that dozing in the zero gravity position lessens tension on the body. The position can likewise further develop breathing and better blood stream, blood flow, alongside a scope of different advantages.

What makes a bed zero gravity?

What Is a Zero Gravity Sleep Position? A zero gravity position impersonates the weightless help and tension free impression of drifting in space so the body can fix and remake during rest. This position appropriates weight equitably and keeps the spine impartial to deliver strain development in the body.

Is zero gravity sleep comfortable?

Yes. It’s not really about being in zero gravity so much as it is about getting off your feet. Sometimes when you lie down before bed the blood pools in your legs and it makes it hard to sleep. So you sprawl out on one of those Baby Borns, or put a pillow under your knees, or curl up with a bunch of pillows for comfort when sleeping sitting up – all things that are bad when you’re actually pregnant, just ask Tina Fey! Zero-g makes these problems go away because there’s no longer any pressure pushing on the lower body while laying down.

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