How to paint furniture

How to Paint Furniture? [7 Tips] 

Do you want to paint your old, boring furniture to rejuvenate it? How to Paint Furniture? Or are you tired of your dull side tables? Here are some simple tips on how to get the job done. With these in mind, you can have a beautiful new look without too much work.

1) Preparation is key so make sure your furniture is clean and free of dust. Make sure there’s no wax left on the surface, and fill in any cracks or chips with wood filler. Extremely smooth the surface so that you have a perfect base for painting.

2) It doesn’t take much to have beautiful Furniture. The key is consistency. You want to stay on top of your routine so that you can enjoy the benefits of beautiful Furniture with not too much work. This will require some thought and consistency, but it only takes about 15 minutes to do regularly.

3) Invest in quality products. You may have noticed that furniture stores often have an upcharge for their name brands versus cheaper alternatives. This is because of the quality of their products. While some cheaper brands may work, it’s best to use something that works well and lasts long.

4) Don’t be afraid to do some research. There are many different paints out on the market, which can make choosing one difficult. You’ll find that there are oils, water-based, and latex paints. You can even use spray paint or chalk paint. Each has its own pros and cons. Do some research to find which one works best for your needs.

How to Paint Furniture

5) Take care of spills as soon as they happen. You don’t want anything seeping into your furniture that shouldn’t be there; otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a permanent stain. For this reason, it’s important to clean up any stray spills immediately

6) Understand that you can repaint furniture as often as you like. If you mess up and need to repaint something, don’t worry about it. Your Furniture doesn’t have to be one colour for its entire life. You can change it up with different colours or even patterns.

7) You may have heard that you shouldn’t paint Furniture in the summer because it will warp from humidity. In actuality, Furniture is not affected by humidity so much as changes in temperature. If there’s a major difference in temperatures where your Furniture is, then it will warp. Painting Furniture in the summer is just fine, but you should wait a while for it to dry before putting it outside.

How to Paint Furniture


If done right, you can have a beautiful new piece of furniture without too much hassle! All it takes is some time and consistency to work out a schedule that works with your life. Use our tips to get started today.


How many coats of paint should you apply?

One to three coats depending on the type of paint that you use. Generally, you want a thin layer of paint for a smooth look that won’t chip easily. One coat can be sufficient, but two or three coats will allow the colour to come out even more and last longer.

What kind of paint should I use?

It depends on the look that you want. You can use latex or oil-based paints as they’re generally good for projects like this. Latex is great because it doesn’t damage your furniture as much as oil-based paints, but either works well as long as you do a proper job with cleaning and prep work before painting.

What are the benefits of latex vs. water-based paint?

Latex is generally easier to use with a smoother end result. It doesn’t damage the furniture as much and dries faster. If you’re doing an indoor job, it’s your best bet. Water-based paints are more difficult to work with, but they don’t have any harmful fumes so can be good if you want to paint outside for instance.

What does "hand-painted" mean?

It means that you’re painting your Furniture by hand rather than using a machine to spray paint it. While this can be more difficult, the end result is usually worth it as there are fewer imperfections and it takes longer to create. The downside is that you typically have less control over the outcome.

What is the best type of paint for Furniture?

It depends on your personal preferences. Generally, oil-based paints are the best for Furniture that will be outdoors because they last longer. Latex is better for indoor furniture that won’t be exposed to harsh weather or wear and tear.

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