How to make a toy box out of plywood?

How to make a toy box out of plywood?

A toy box is a great way to keep all of your young one’s toys organized and out of the way. They are also a great way to teach them responsibility with their belongings by telling them they can’t play with anything until it goes in the toy box. With some plywood, screws, paint, and hinges you’ll have a cool new toy box for your little ones! 

In this blog post, we will show you how easy it is to make a DIY Toy Box from Plywood. In this article, we’ll take you through the process from start to finish in 6 steps, including 12 tips on how to do it as well as  12 precautions that will ensure your work goes smoothly as well as Some FAQs.

Steps about How to make a toy box out of plywood?

How to make a toy box out of plywood?

Step No 1:

Measuring the length of the board so that you have enough space for all your toys – but not too much space where they can get lost at the bottom! The width should be ample enough so that all toys fit in side-to-side without being squished together. You’ll want about 1cm lip on each end before attaching anything else just in case you need to secure it down for a more finished look.

Step No 2:

Cutting the board according to your measurements. You’ll want to cut a 45-degree angle on one side so that the toy box will sit flush against the wall. If you’re not comfortable using a saw, ask someone else to help out! It’s also important to have someone hold the other end of the board to keep it steady as you do this.

Step No 3:

After you’ve got your angled side cut, ensure that it’s completely flush with both sides of the plywood. Get a firm grip on where you measured and set up 2x4s to attach from each end that was cut at a 45-degree angle. You can either use screws or nails (screws may be easier) but make sure to drill pilot holes first before doing anything else! If using nails, hammer them in at a right angle so they stick out straight and don’t come out easily. For screws, make sure they’re secure and tight enough for extra support by screwing again (this time without the pilot holes).

Step No 4:

Attaching your plywood to a sturdy surface! If you’re not using an old toy box or other furniture, then plan by finding something that’s secure and flat where you can attach it. Keep in mind that if using nails, they’ll need to be hammered in at a right angle so they don’t come out easily. For screws, make sure they’re secure and tight enough for extra support by screwing again (this time without the pilot holes).

Step No 5:

You should now have a fairly stable piece of plywood that is ready to be decorated and customized however you like! Whether painting, staining or adding other custom materials such as fabric and stickers, your kids will have a blast getting creative.

Step No 6:

Finally, add a handle to one side so that it’s easy for them to carry their toys in and out of the toy box! This step is completely optional but helps when transporting this fairly heavy piece of furniture. When you lift it, make sure to hold it by the bottom lip and not either side where screws and nails will be holding it together. That’s everything – your kids (and maybe even their friends) will enjoy using this durable and customizable toy box!

How to make a toy box out of plywood?


  • Measure the length of the plywood according to the size of your toy box.
  • Measure the width of the plywood according to the size of your toy box.
  • Add a 1cm lip to the bottom and top so that you can secure it with screws or nails.
  • Cut a 45-degree angle on one side.
  • Secure a 2×4 from each end where you measured with a 45-degree angle.
  • Make sure that when you fasten these, they’re flush with both sides of the plywood.
  • Fasten this against something sturdy to hold it in place while you screw or nail into these
  • for extra support.
  • When attaching, make sure that the screws or nails are at a right angle to the 2×4.
  • Drill pilot holes into the toy box before screwing or nailing in place.
  • Paint, stain or seal your toy box according to your preference.
  • Decorate with stickers, fabric, or other materials.
  • Add a handle on one side for easier transportation.


  • Be careful when working with the saw, it is a dangerous tool!
  • Have someone hold the other end of the board when you’re cutting so that it doesn’t move.
  • Make sure that the bottom lip is large enough before you attach anything to it.
  • When measuring out your toy box size, take into account any spikes or other embellishments that will be added before making your final cut.
  • Always drill pilot holes before screwing anything in place- it will make the process a lot easier and prevent the wood from splitting.
  • Sand down all of the edges so that there are no sharp points that could cause injury.
  • Apply a sealant or wood varnish to protect the toy box from moisture and scratches.
  • Label each of the sides of the toy box so that you know what goes where (especially if it’s for a younger child).
  • Make sure that the hinges and screws are of good quality and can take the weight of the lid without bending or breaking.
  • If you’re using a handle, make sure that it is attached securely and won’t come off.
  • Make sure the screws will fit through the holes before screwing them in!
  • Always use eye protection when using power tools such as saws and drills.
How to make a toy box out of plywood?


How thick should my plywood be for a toy box?

The minimum thickness of plywood would be 1/4 inch thick. What I recommend is to use 3/8-inch thick plywood for the top, bottom, and sides of the box. For the front and back pieces of plywood, you can use something thinner like 1/4 inch again.

How do I glue small blocks of plywood together?

You should use wood glue when assembling your toy box. Apply the glue to the edges of the blocks of plywood that you will be joining together. Make sure that the pieces are properly aligned before pressing them together and clamping them in place. Let the glue dry completely before moving on to the next step.

How do I paint a toy box that has been stained brown?

If you want to paint your toy box after it has been stained brown, you will need to use a primer. The primer will help the paint stick to the wood better. You can then use any colour of paint that you want.


It’s not hard to make a toy box out of plywood. To get started, you should take measurements for your desired wood pieces and then cut them with the table saw using the various cutting depths that are available on most models. After that, it’s time to assemble your project! With some screws (and maybe brackets), this DIY kids toy chest will be ready in no time at all.

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