How to make a metal bed frame look better

How to make a metal bed frame look better?

The idea of a metal bed frame is not the most appealing thing to look at, but if you want something that will last and can be moved around easily, then it might be the perfect style for you. Metal beds are easy to assemble and store away when they’re not in use. If you have one or more of these metal frames and need some tips on how to make them look better then we’ve got just what you need!

How to make a metal bed frame look better? The bed frame is the most important part of your bedroom. It’s what you lay down on every night and it can really make or break your room. But did you know that there are many ways to spruce up an old bed frame? One way is by painting it with a fun, bold colour like red! Another way is by adding some decorative trim pieces to the corners of the headboard.

There are a few ways to make a metal bed frame look better. The most popular is painting it with chalkboard paint and then drawing on the surface. If your bed doesn’t have any storage underneath, you can also add some shelves or drawers for additional storage space. You could even attach a headboard to the front of the frame with brackets if desired!

How to make a metal bed frame look better

What to avoid when decorating a metal bed frame?

One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind when decorating a metal bed frame is to avoid using any decorations that will put too much weight on it. This means no heavy headboards, large sculptures, or paintings should be hung from the frame.

If you want some additional storage space for blankets and other items, but don’t have room under the bed, instead of adding drawers you could also attach some wooden boxes with hinges to the base of your bed frame.

Another big thing to remember is not to use any material on your headboard that won’t hold up well over time. One high-quality fabric choice would be linen as it can stand up well against constant use and doesn’t rip easily like cotton or polyester. Also, using a fabric that can be washed and dried easily will cut down on the amount of care you have to give it.

Your bed will feel solid if you add bulk underneath:

If you have a metal bed frame with little support underneath, add some wooden slats or plywood to the bottom. This will make it feel more solid and stable. It will also hold a thicker mattress better than if a person was just lying directly on the springs. If there aren’t any support slats already in place, but your bed is only missing them from halfway up the length of your bed then no worries! You can drill some new ones into place yourself without having to replace the entire thing.

How to make a metal bed frame look better

What items do I need for decorating a metal bed frame?

HardCover Books:

 This is for the book page wreath, which you can easily make from scratch as well!


For the fabric bunting and pillows.

Wooden Dowels & Wooden Square Boxes:

You can use these without any additional hardware to create a headboard if you want something more lightweight than a traditional one.

String Lights: 

or adding a DIY mood light above your bed! These will look great in a bedroom set or even in a living room during a party.

Large Sheets & Pillowcases:

 To use for making decorative pillow covers or an accent wall behind your bed. Glittery sheets would also be super cute! The possibilities are endless with this craft supply.


 For the lighted gemstone wall art.

Yarn & Yarn Needles:

 To make your yarn tassels for draping over the headboard!

1-3 cans of spray paint:

 Depending on how much surface area you need to be covered, one can be enough or you may want to buy an extra colour for a pop of colour.

How to make a metal bed frame look better

Pencil, Ruler & Measuring Tape:

 You’ll need these to measure out where you want your metal bed frame to hang on your wall and then mark it with a pencil. Also needed if you plan on making any wooden boxes or shelves to attach to the metal bed frame.

Fabric Scissors & Fabric Glue Sticks:

These are used for making pillow covers or even replacing ones that have lost their stickiness from being washed so many times. Fabric glue will keep them looking good as new.

Masking Tape:

This is needed to tape off any areas you want to protect from getting paint on it while spray painting.

Painters Tape:

For adding striping and accents! If the painter’s tape isn’t strong enough, try duct tape instead. Also can be used for making a tablecloth or even furniture pads.

What kind of paint should I use?

How to make a metal bed frame look better

Spray paint works well if you have a large plain surface area that needs covering such as your metal bed frame. However, for decorating with stencils sometimes it works better to hand paint your design since the level of detail will vary depending on what you’re using and how steady your hand is when applying it. The main thing that matters, in either case, is choosing a paint colour that goes well with your decor.


A metal bed frame is an investment piece that should last you for years. You can ensure it does by taking care of your new purchase with the right cleaning products and then making sure to keep up on regular maintenance (such as oiling) to prevent rust from setting in.

A bed frame is the cornerstone of your bedroom. It’s where you spend a third of your life, so it deserves some careful consideration when choosing what kind to buy and how to decorate it. Metal frames are becoming more popular because they are durable, easy to assemble, relatively inexpensive, and come in many stylish designs that work well with any décor style or colour palette.

However, there may be times when metal just isn’t right for you may be due to allergies or maybe personal preference. If this sounds like you then read on!   First of all, avoid putting anything underneath the mattress which will cause weight distribution issues. Instead, choose bulkier items such as pillows or blankets so that the bed feels solid.


Is it better to paint or spray paint metal?

Spray painting metal is slightly faster, less messy, and more durable than regular paint. Spray painting is easy to control and cheaper to do large quantities of work with. Regularly masking off your metal will prolong its lifespan by preventing overspray from hitting sensitive areas like cables or connectors.

 Moreover, using oil-based enamel spray paint makes the finish more water-resistant than oil-based acrylic spraypaint which can’t be used outdoors! But for smaller jobs on sheet metal, you may find that the cost savings of not having to buy an air compressor or an expensive power paintball gun are worth it if you’re just doing one or two small projects at a time.

How do you dress in a metal bed frame?

You can put a quilt on top of the bed. Or if it’s not for sleeping, you can use some decorative pillows. Whichever your heart desires! 🙂

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