Emma Mattress in the 2022 Test: Experience and Evaluation

Emma Mattress in the 2022 Test: Experience and Evaluation

The Emma hybrid mattress has made an excellent reputation as a comfortable mattress for every type of sleeper, regardless of the position in which you sleep. The colleagues in our test team have been sleeping on the Emma mattress for several months, so this assessment is the result of a long-term test. Therefore, we can recommend this mattress with a clear conscience as the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers and all those who are looking for comprehensive comfort at a reasonable price.

EMMA® 25 Schaum Matratze 180x200cm | Atmungsaktiv & Ideale Anpassung Mit Airgocell Technologie & Memory Schaum | 10 Jahre Garantie & 100 Nächte Testschlafen

The materials used

The Emma Hybrid consists of three individual layers plus the cover. Starting from the top of the mattress, the UltraDry original cover has a temperature regulating effect. While the warm sleepers in our test group found the cover to be warm during sleep, none of our test subjects overheated on the mattress.

The cover is also moisture-dissipating, which is good news when you sweat in bed – something we all do by nature, regardless of, whether we suffer from hot flashes or night sweats.

Das Innenleben einer Emma Matratze.
The interior of an Emma Hybrid mattress.

Spots due to sweat, skin greases and moisture can cause yellow spots on a mattress cover, so Emma’s moisture-dissipating design should help prevent this. After seven months of use, we have not yet found any stains on our Emma mattress. Nevertheless, we cover them with an excellent mattress protector and recommend that you do the same.

Under the cover is a layer of halo memory foam. This adapts to the body and ensures the famous body-hugging comfort for which full foam mattresses are known, keeping the spine in the correct position. In the next layer there is the temperature regulating point Elastic Airgocell, followed by a plate made of High Resiliency Extra ( HRX ) Supreme Foam, which increases durability and prevents sagging.

Strength and comfort

We loved to sleep on the Emma mattress. It is without a doubt one of the most comfortable mattresses we have ever tested, and we enjoyed the pleasant softness from the first night. We asked various members of our test group to test the Emma Original, and most of them praised the noticeable comfort.

However, one of our participants, who weighs just over 100 kg and mainly sleeps on his back, found that he sinks more into the mattress than he likes. So if you have a higher body weight, you should consider this, because as a back sleeper you have to lie more than in the mattress to keep your spine upright.

All side sleepers and combi sleepers in the test group loved the Emma mattress, as did our belly and back sleepers weighing 65 kg. Another member of the test group was 64 years old and had to deal with osteoarthritis in both hips. She found that the Emma mattress offers ideal pressure relief and she could sleep in the same position without having to move so much ( compared to her own mattress ), to get some comfort again.

The Emma mattress is classified as medium-strength on the hardness scale with 5 out of 10 points, 1 being as soft as a foam rubber and 10 as hard as a wooden board. Although the hardness of a mattress is very subjective, most of us agreed that the Emma mattress definitely feels like a 5 out of 10. Our heaviest sleeper said that the mattress was simply too soft for long-term use.

You have 200 nights to test the degree of hardness yourself, and if you find it either too soft or too tight, Emma sends a free comfort pad ( firm or soft ), to adapt the feeling of the mattress to your own body.

Delivery and preparation

The Emma mattress was delivered to our door via UPS. It arrived in a stable cardboard box, which had some wear and tear on the edges and on the side of which the Emma logo was printed. Although we tested a standard double mattress, it was difficult to carry them up the stairs. A double mattress weighs over 23 kg. If you order a larger size, ask a friend or family member to help you with the transport.

Die Emma Matratze wird in einem großen Karton geliefert.
The Emma mattress is supplied in a large box.

Setting up the Emma mattress is child’s play. Lift the lid of the box and you will find a welcome pack with instructions for unpacking and care. Inside is a small plastic cutting tool that allows you to easily open the mattress’s reinforced plastic cover without damaging the polyester cover or memory foam.

From pulling out the rolled mattress from the cardboard box to using the cutting tool to remove the plastic to placing the Emma on a bed frame, the whole process took a few minutes at most. Emma advises that the mattress be inflated for two to six hours before using it, but ours was at full height after two hours. If you cannot unpack your Emma mattress on the day of delivery, you should not leave it in the box for longer than four weeks, otherwise you run the risk of damaging it.

What we didn’t like was the amount of plastic we unpacked from the mattress and how much we had to dispose of. This is not just a problem with Emma mattresses – we see it in many brands – but is there a better way?

The vent

If you buy a packaged mattress and unpack it, you should adjust to a certain “ smell of a new mattress ”. How stingy this is depends on the type of mattress you buy, what materials it is made of and how long you leave it in the packaging.

We initially deliberately left the windows of our bedroom closed to get a good impression of how strong or weak the smell is. We found that the Emma mattress was fairly average in terms of evaporation; there was definitely this treacherous smell, but it wasn’t overwhelming and flew relatively quickly.

When we opened the windows to let in fresh air, the smell subsided quickly until there was only a weak trace left. Our most important tip? Open the bedroom window before unpacking and then leave it open for several hours ( if this is possible safely ).

The pressure relief

Pressure relief is a buzzword among mattress manufacturers that relates to how well a mattress reduces the creation of pressure points. Often the hips, backs, shoulders and buttocks – are all the areas of the body that hurt when you sleep on an uncomfortable bed.

We have found that the Emma mattress offers effective pressure relief in all sleeping positions, especially in the side and combi sleeping positions. The padding is sufficient in the area of the hips, knees and shoulders during cross-sleep and in the entire back, over the shoulders and buttocks when sleeping back. The only reservation we have is for heavier abdominal and back sleepers – use the trial period to ensure that your spine is properly supported.

We not only slept on the Emma mattress, but also placed a weight of 25 kg in the middle of the mattress to measure sinking. We measured a drop of just under 9 cm, which is acceptable for a memory foam mattress of this kind.

Movement transmission

Another buzzword that describes the extent to which a mattress is able to Movement transmission to be limited from one person to another. This is an important feature for restless sleepers and for couples who have a different sleep rhythm and therefore always wake each other up when they move.

Since the Emma Original consists of three thick layers of foam, it isolates movements well, so you hardly feel when your bed neighbor moves. The test person who examined the Emma mattress shares the bed with a restless sleeper and confirmed that the disruptive factors that she would otherwise experience have been reduced.

Here, too, we consulted our test team to check the capabilities of the original mattress during the movement transmission. All but one agreed that the Emma mattress reduces the movement transmission. The tester, who disagreed, was a side sleeper weighing 65 kg, who felt a high degree of movement from a bed neighbor weighing almost 100 kg, when he moved next to her.

Regulation of temperature

The Emma mattress uses Airgocell foam, which ensures better air circulation with an open-pore cell structure. There is also an Emma UltraDry original cover, which has temperature regulating and moisture-dissipating features.

The warm sleepers among the test subjects found it to be a little warm, while those who sleep colder or have no temperature problems during sleep felt, the Emma Original felt neither warm nor cold.

In the interest of a fair test, the warm sleepers slept in the first series of tests under a heavy 9-tog duvet and later under a cooling duvet. The latter proved to be a more comfortable companion of Emma, which shows that the mattress is not always the only culprit for excessive warmth – the bedding also plays a role.

Edge resistance

Die Kantenfestigkeit der Emma Matratze könnte etwas besser sein.
The edge strength of the Emma mattress could be a little better.

In our opinion, edge support is the Achilles heel of the Emma mattress. So if you sleep to the edge of the mattress, you will find that it is beginning to sink. Couples who want to share a double mattress should consider this.

The weaker support of the edge is particularly noticeable when you sit on the edge of the Emma mattress to put on. While none of the test participants fell while sitting on the edge, the heavier people in the group felt that they were tipping forward.

The edge support was weakest at the lower corners of the tested mattress. So if you want to sit on your bed to put on, we recommend that you sit in the middle of Emma along one side and not right on the corner on the floor.


The evaluation of the Emma mattress is based on tests lasting several months, in which various members of the test group were involved. Therefore, we can talk confidently about longevity based on what we have seen and experienced so far.

After several months, our Emma Original has not yet sagged, as you would expect from a new mattress. This is also thanks to the HRX ( High Resiliency Extra ) Supreme Foam layer, which ensures that the mattress stays firm longer and does not sag, and which will continue to offer good body support and comfort in the coming years.

The removable cover is also washable in the machine and we have washed it a few times during the test. He didn’t wrinkle or shrink in the machine, but we found it easier to take it off than to put it back on – we would recommend, to ask a friend or family member for help.

You don’t need to turn the Emma Original over, the white cover should always stay up. You can turn the mattress to distribute normal wear. You can use the mattress on any bed frame and even put it directly on the floor. However, if you are using a slatted frame, make sure that the slats are no more than 7.5 cm apart, otherwise there is a risk that they will sag.

The Emma mattress also has a 10-year guarantee that extends to the “ dimensional stability and durability of the core materials ” for a period of 10 years from the delivery date. The brand’s general terms and conditions provide a complete list of items covered and uncovered.

Emma mattress: buy or not?

EMMA® 25 Schaum Matratze 180x200cm | Atmungsaktiv & Ideale Anpassung Mit Airgocell Technologie & Memory Schaum | 10 Jahre Garantie & 100 Nächte Testschlafen

The Emma Hybrid is not without defects, but in our experience these are in the minority. We recommend the Emma mattress for most sleepers, regardless of the position in which they sleep.

The Emma Original was the most popular with our side sleepers because it is wonderfully padded in the knee and hip area and you can stay in one position longer because it is so comfortable. The restless sleepers among us therefore enjoyed a deeper sleep on the Emma, and we would say that overall, she is a great mattress for side sleepers.

Our only warning is back and stomach sleepers with an above-average body weight, especially if they share Emma with a similarly heavy person. You need to make sure your back doesn’t sag as you sleep, as this will lead to back pain over time.

So if you try the Emma Original and it is too soft, you need the comfort layer to make it firmer and more supportive. If that doesn’t help, return the mattress and choose a medium-strength alternative – we would recommend a hybrid mattress.

We also found that edge support was not particularly good. So if you and your partner sleep to the edge of your mattress, you may not like this aspect of Emma. Here, too, a good alternative would be a hybrid mattress with strong edge support.

Overall, the Emma mattress offers excellent value for money and we really enjoyed the time we slept on it. If you have a smaller budget but want comprehensive, body-friendly comfort and can live with weaker edge support, the Emma Original should be at the top of your list.

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