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7 Best Computer Desks with Doors for Home Office

The best computer desks with doors are those that provide the user with a place to store their items and keep them hidden from view. However, not all computer desks with doors are created equal. Some may have many features you’re looking for while others might be lacking in some areas such as storage space or comfortability. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 7 best computer desks with doors so that you can make the smart decision on which one is right for you!

There are many different types of L shaped computer desks in many variations in the market, like a computer desk with a bookcase, a computer desk with CPU storage and a computer desk with printer storage for printers.

As you search for the perfect computer desk, there are a number of things to consider. First and foremost is what type of room do you have in order to place your new computer desk? Do you need something that will fit into a small corner or would it be better if it was made so that you could tuck it away when not in use? It’s also important to know how much space you actually have before investing money on any one specific model.

There are many different styles out there but some definitely stand out above the rest. Here are seven of the top models available today: This blog post goes over Top 7 best computer desks with doors including information on each product as well as conclusions according to customer reviews.

Comparison of Top 7 Best Computer Desks with Doors

No.ImagesProduct NamesRatingsPrice on Amazon
1.Cherry Finished Computer Desk with Doors by Sauder4.6
2.L Shaped Computer Desk with Doors by Bush Furniture 4.5
3. Computer Desk with Doors by Sauder 4.4
4.Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk with Doors 4.5
5.Techni Mobili Modern Office Desk with Door4.4
6.Small Computer Desk with Door South Shore4.1
7.Cannery Bridge Computer Desk with Doors by Sauder4.4

1. Cherry Finished Computer Desk with Doors by Sauder

Computer Desk with Doors

ColourCurado Cherry Finish

Sauder’s Cherry Finished Computer Desk with Doors is the perfect solution for you to keep your electronic gear, papers, and personal belongings organized. With a slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf, space for letter or European size hanging files in the lower drawer that can be put on either side of the desk according to your preference, storage area behind the door that comes with an adjustable shelf for versatile storage options. The door and drawers of this computer desk are fastened on whichever side fits best for you.

A grommet hole lets cables have their own path so they aren’t hiding under furniture or caught in your heel when you are trying to quickly turn around! The Cherry Finished Computer Desk with doors is the ultimate organizer. With a sliding keyboard and mouse shelf, door with shelf for storage behind, adjustable shelving in back storage area, and grommet hole for cord management it’s the perfect desk to bring sheer efficiency into your working space. The cherry finish on this piece is subtle yet sleek and elegant at a price that just can’t be beat!

2. L Shaped Computer Desk with Doors by Bush Furniture

Computer Desk with Doors

ColourEspresso Oak
MaterialEngineered Wood
BrandBush Furniture

You space-conscious office workers can take a well-deserved break from fishbowl living, thanks to the L Shaped Computer Desk with Doors by Bush Furniture. The integrated 4-port USB hub will keep those devices connected and the concealed storage cabinet gives you stylish fluted glass doors all while being so compact it won’t interfere with your already dense environment. Plus, as if that’s not enough, the handy file drawer slides on smooth full-extension ball-bearing full so you can easily reach any size files or documents.

Fits in just about anywhere Snug against a wall or tucked into a corner, this L Shaped computer desk with doors is perfect for even the space-challenged environments of today’s worldwide web workstation! Available in Espresso Oak or Walnut Pacific Cherry finishes.

Embrace a stunning L Shaped computer desk with a door that not only looks beautiful in your workspace but also provides an array of storage and designer features with two pedestals, a filing drawer with a locking laptop bar and a swivelling keyboard tray. The sleek modern lines provide just the right amount of style while its under-the room storage adds functionality for spaces of all shapes and sizes. It’s more than meets the eye!

3. Computer Desk with Doors by Sauder

Computer Desk with Doors

ColourChalked Chestnut Finish

The Computer Desk with Doors by Sauder is a sturdy and elegant addition to any home office. This small armoire desk has plenty of space for you and the computer accessories, designed with files stored below and shelves above! It also features two drawers that offer running storage.

We designed this armoire desk with you in mind. You need a place to work, but that doesn’t mean your workspace can’t be stylish and efficient at the same time. With features like two drawers with safety stops for storage space behind the door, our computer desk offers ample space for any kind of work! We also included a slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf with metal runners that is perfect for laptops or desktop computers

Whether you are using it as an office desk or even just as extra room beside your bed, there’s no mistaking how spacious and functional this unit really is! Made from a combination of eco-friendly MDF and metal, this unit is easily assembled in just a few minutes without the need for tools. Customize your workspace with almost limitless colour combinations.

4. Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk with Doors

Computer Desk with Doors

ColourEspresso Oak
MaterialEngineered Wood
BrandBush Furniture

This stylish and convenient one-piece Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk with Doors exudes a minimalistic classic aesthetic that will look good in any office setting. While the open design is perfect for single monitors, it can also fit two LCD screens with room to spare for all your peripherals. The integrated 4-port USB hub keeps you connected to your gadgets without occupying valuable table real estate.

Featuring concealed storage above the work surface and handy file drawers below, this spacious yet compact desk offers everything you need to be productive while looking sharp doing it! Shipping assembled or delivered in several boxes (but almost entirely preassembled), this modern furniture piece won’t disappoint, even when unpacking hassles pop up.

It’s the final frontier of office space, and Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk with Doors has a ton of it. With plenty of room on both sides to store your computer, documents and supplies alike on all four shelves, including a file drawer for storage, this L shaped desk is going to have you feeling like the captain of a starship before you know it. The 60 inches of desk space ensures there’s enough room for all those spreadsheets as well as your favourite pet rabbit or two if that tickles your fancy.

5. Techni Mobili Modern Office Desk with Door

Computer Desk with Doors

MaterialEngineered Wood
BrandTechni Mobili

This Techni Mobili Modern Office Desk with Door has extra shelving that spans double the size of the lower drawers to store larger accessories like telephones, keyboards, large printers, etc., along with their corresponding power cords neatly tucked inside it. There is a convenient cord management system underneath both the desktop and upper top drawer of this computer desk that will keep your cards securely in place.

Enjoy this modern design which includes top left drawer, bottom left drawer and 1 right-side cabinet with silver coloured handles. There is also a 2” diameter hole for a grommet in the middle for your telephone line. The desk measures at 51.25″ L x 23.25″ D x 29.75″ H (110 lbs.). It can hold up to 50-inch screen TVs or two 20 inch computer monitors vertically

The Techni mobili modern office desk offers an unobstructed view of your work environment. With its solid floating top which offers space for additional storage, you’ll have the ability to organize your day. If you happen to be worried about comfort, don’t worry because this design allows for movement without fear of moving the whole unit by accident! Not only does it provide ample legroom but also features a concealed door compartment that can close up every inch of clutter you might have on your desk.

6. Small Computer Desk with Door South Shore

Computer Desks with Doors

ColourPure White
MaterialEngineered Wood
BrandSouth Shore

Scoring the highest of is space-efficiency category, Small Computer Desk with Door South Shore is not only great for use in smaller spaces like home offices but can also be easily moved around if necessary. Conveniently store all your work supplies in two compartments tucked away on either side of the door or put them on display using the open storage shelf seen up above! Keep wires and cords organized with 2 holes at the back of the desk.

This computer desk with door is made with eco-friendly materials for you to be worry-free. Rest assured that this product has met all North American safety standards. Shop confidently knowing that it comes backed with a 5-year limited warranty…which means no worrying about it falling apart!

7. Cannery Bridge Computer Desk with Doors by Sauder

Computer Desk with Doors

ColourSindoori Mango Finish
MaterialEngineered Wood

A Cannery Bridge Computer Desk with Doors by Sauder is for more than just sitting at; it’s also the perfect place to store your most important items. With ample cabinet space and hidden storage behind the doors, this computer desk provides an organized home base that accommodates your needs while adding sophisticated style to your room. The metal runners provide stability when you open and draw it up close for homework time, while safety stops ensure peace of mind should someone accidentally slam into it during playtime.

Behind one door are letter-size hanging files that are perfect for keeping track of projects or student papers, while adjustable shelves inside can be used to keep textbooks in order on top or serve as vice grips to make quick work of putting away photos. Home base helps keep everything stored neatly so there isn’t clutter in the way when you’re studying or playing. When it’s time for a change of scenery, slip off the back panels and roll away to reinvent this piece in any room.

Final Thoughts:

The best computer desk with doors should be made of high-quality materials that will support your needs for years to come. You don’t want the table top cracking or bowing if you put too much weight on it, and you also need to make sure there’s enough room underneath so you can store all your peripherals without feeling cramped. If this sounds like something you’re interested in finding out more about, feel free to shop a computer desk!

If you’re looking for a quality computer desk with doors, then these top 7 best-selling models on Amazon will be perfect. They come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your needs! Whether you need storage space or just want some privacy when working at home, we’ve got the right choice for you. Find out which one is the most suitable for you by clicking through our list of reviews above before making your purchase decision. Happy Shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you get an office chair that can fit under the desk?

Yes, Some chairs can be disassembled for storage, while others require you to partially pull the chair out from under your desk to make them fit underneath. No matter what chair you get, it’s important that it has some type of height adjustment for best ergonomics.

What should I look for while buying a computer desk with doors?

A good computer desk with doors should have good ventilation, be of excellent quality and design, and would ideally offer storage space. The caveats to this list are that it is subjective depending on its intended use and there is no “perfect” answer for everyone.

The key thing one needs to do when buying a proper computer desk takes into account the amount of working space needed. If one cannot dedicate an entire side or corner of their home to their office then they will need a compact yet functional computer workstation which can fit in small spaces yet provide much-needed functionality.

Is there anything special about desks with doors?

Yes, when you open the desk and there is a lot of space for kids to play inside.
A desk with doors allows kids to put toys away and clear their minds before heading out the door. The next day, they will be able to start fresh and find what they need quickly without feeling overwhelmed by an unusable mess.

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