Can you put a hybrid mattress on a box spring

Can you put a hybrid mattress on a box spring?

Can you put a hybrid mattress on a box spring? It’s challenging for us to recommend that you put a hybrid mattress on top of a traditional foundation (aka box spring).

The most important reason is that it will typically void the warranty, but there are other reasons too. A thicker foundation will typically not be able to properly support the weight distribution requirements of the mattress and it may sag over time. If your foundation isn’t thick enough, it can also cause issues like wrinkles or sagging in your new mattress.

Sometimes this even causes the coils inside the bed frame to bend out of shape, which shortens their lifespan considerably. This can be especially pronounced with thicker foam mattresses.

It’s also worth noting that if you buy an ultra-firm or firm model that has individual coils as part of the support system, you may encounter a level of motion transfer that’s greater than what you might be used to now. If both people tend to move around a lot in their sleep, this could become an annoyance for either one or both partners.

Can you put a hybrid mattress on a box spring

What is Box Spring?

Box Spring is a foundation for your bed. It supports the mattress and provides extra cushioning. Most box Springs are traditionally used with innerspring mattress rests, but it isn’t required that you use this type of product together. You can use any sort of foundation with any sort of mattress.

The box spring offers more padding than just having your mattress on the floor. The springs also provide additional support to whoever sleeps on the bed so if anyone weighs over 130 pounds, it’s recommended by most manufacturers to have a box spring under the foam mattress.

Hope these answers help you understand why we don’t recommend putting a hybrid or latex/memory foam model on top of a box spring.

What are hybrid mattresses?

The term hybrid mattress is used to describe a combined spring unit (innerspring) and foam/latex or memory foam models. The idea behind these hybrids is that you get the best of both worlds with one type of bed.

The benefit of having an innerspring component under your body should help prevent sagging, but it’s also designed to allow for good airflow for better comfort. The foam layer on top will provide contouring so pressure points are properly supported while being comfortable enough to give you a restful night’s sleep.

If you want to read more about hybrid mattresses, our article here goes into more detail about all their different features.

Types of Hybrid Mattress:

Now, there are some hybrid mattress models out there where it can work just fine because they have thick enough edge support. The main concern is making sure the foam encasement on all four sides is able to hold up well and not compress down too much over time with the weight of the people sleeping on top.

Casper Hybrid Mattress:

The Casper hybrid bed has high-density memory foam layers with just the right amount of firmness (not too firm, not too soft). It’s a great option for many sleepers.

Can you put a hybrid mattress on a box spring

The Casper hybrid mattress has an innerspring unit that is surrounded by foam, offering a nice balance between firmness and contouring. You can read more about the construction of this metal bed frame.

Sealy Hybrid Mattress:

Many Sealy hybrid models have a traditional support system underneath to avoid any potential sagging issues which could be associated with memory foam/latex models only. The zoned technology on top offers good body conforming properties without being overly soft or too firm.

Can you put a hybrid mattress on a box spring

The airflow layers help keep up good airflow which helps with temperature regulation and you’ll see some other features in our video review below which go into various aspects of this bed.

Can you put a hybrid mattress on a box spring

How often should a mattress be rotated?

It’s not necessary to rotate your mattress over time, but it can help prevent excess wear on one side of the bed compared to the rest of it so if you want to keep your bed in good shape for as long as possible, rotating it every 6 months or so is a good idea. 

The rotation, or flip as it’s sometimes called, will typically involve simply turning the mattress over from one side to the other. This can be a task to do on your own if you have a heavier mattress, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

A lot of people who rotate their mattress still don’t end up doing this often enough and depending on how heavy the bed is / how much use it receives, you should aim for at least once every 3 months if possible as a minimum. This is exactly what we want.

Are hybrid mattresses good?

Some people in the industry feel that hybrid mattresses, in general, are a great improvement, and in fact “most ergonomic experts would agree that hybrids’ unique design offers many benefits over traditional mattress types.” Alternatively, other sources say that they’re just expensive and not worth it.

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress

The simplest way to explore whether hybrid mattresses would be a great fit for you is to try one out. Sleeping on it for at least 30 nights will help make sure you don’t miss out on any of the possible long-term negative effects, but if your back feels better when waking up, or you want an eco-friendly mattress and can afford it.

Do you need a box spring with a hybrid mattress?

No, you don’t need a traditional box spring with a hybrid mattress. Generally speaking, the innerspring layer on top is designed to offer great support and prevent sagging over time so it doesn’t need any added support from underneath. 

However, if your bed does sag on one side of the mattress and you can tell that there’s not enough of an even surface for sleeping, then adding a box spring under the heavy side might help even things out.

Make sure that this box spring isn’t too tall as it can create gaps between everything which will defeat the purpose of putting something under there (a thin piece is still ok).

Can you put a hybrid mattress on a box spring

We at Hybrid Mattress Hub do recommend having a quality box spring unit underneath your mattress because we want you to have the best sleep possible. Mattress manufacturers should work on these consequences.

The box spring unit will offer additional support for your mattress and it won’t sag over time because the coils are firmer, but if you don’t already have a high-quality one underneath your main bed, then removing it isn’t going to hurt anything either.

Can you put any mattress on a box spring?

Yes, any mattress will fit nicely onto a good quality box spring unit. It doesn’t have to be the same brand or even model of your hybrid bed as long as they are both high quality.

A Box Spring provides support for your mattress which is important for maintaining its shape over time and it gives you something more firm underneath so the first layer on top which is soft won’t compress under the weight of people sleeping on top.

Make sure that whatever box spring unit you get is not too thick though because this can cause gaps between the two which defeats the purpose of putting them together in the first place (generally speaking, anything thicker than about 3 inches should probably not be used).

Can you put a hybrid mattress on a box spring?

How does a hybrid mattress typically last?

Hybrid beds last longer than the average advanced mattress because they are designed to avoid sagging and they have a thick supportive base layer on top which is usually around 8 inches thick.

Since the weight of people sleeping on them is distributed more evenly, there’s less pressure point build-up and no sagging means that there isn’t as much wear and tear over time so your bed will last longer.

Can you use a hybrid mattress on a platform bed?

Yes, you can use a hybrid mattress on a platform bed but you have to consider the thickness of your platform bed. If it’s not high enough to hold the mattress, or if it isn’t strong enough, there will be issues. 

If your platform bed is sturdy, properly built and can hold the weight of both you and your mattress then there should be no issues. The added height of the platform bed will allow for an easier transition into your bed than just laying on a flat surface.

Pros & Cons:

What are some pros to using a hybrid mattress on a platform bed?

There are many benefits to using the Hybrid Mattress Foundation Bed Frame when sleeping on this type of set-up.

The first being that when you sit in your bed, it raises you up to where you normally would when getting into or out of a traditional box spring foundation style bed frame. This makes transitioning throughout the night easy and pain-free.

What are some cons to using a hybrid mattress on a platform bed? 

It seems like a good idea that it would be placed on a supportive platform that would provide an even feel from edge to edge, but you have heard some people say they don’t use the platform and just have the bed.

Some of those people have said they were told by a mattress salesperson not to use a platform or bed with slats as it will ruin their mattress over time which puzzles me since I read about how your body sinks into better support anyhow so why would slats stop anything?

Also, someone mentioned if you have a large pillow top mattress on the hybrid base there is no need for using plywood under it because the two surfaces are equal in height.

What kind of bed does not require a box spring?

The most common type of bed frame can be identified by its appearance. The box spring is placed under the matrimonial or standard beds to provide it with the additional height, which benefits the storage capacity of the drawer underneath.

If your bed does not have a box spring, then there are different types of bed frames that you can purchase for this purpose.

 First of all, there are slat-based frames where wooden slats are attached vertically across metal supports. These types of bed bases only require an appropriately thick mattress for optimal support and healthy sleep conditions.

You can also choose a platform frame or flat foundation for your mattress without having to buy a new box spring frame separately.


A hybrid or all foam mattress will not be damaged if it’s used without a box spring. In fact, most people get more value from their investments by using them without a box spring.

This allows more use of the top comfort layer materials which would otherwise be compressed into the wood box spring over time and become ineffective or cause sagging to the mattress. Using a box spring limits the useful life of a sleep quality mattress to about 8 years.

This is because traditional box springs will eventually break down and no longer hold the weight of the mattress, causing sagging in the middle where we sleep which creates uneven support for areas near/around shoulders and hips.

The best place for a hybrid or all-foam mattress is directly on a firm flat supportive surface such as plywood slats over wood frame, concrete or an adjustable bed base.


Does a box spring make a difference?

Yes, the box spring does make a difference because it’s typically much firmer than an ordinary mattress, but it doesn’t make as big of a difference as what you think. There are other aspects that matter more like the quality of your frame and materials, the quality of these two elements can also affect feel and comfort.

The thickness is another important factor; how much thicker is your box spring than an ordinary mattress? If they’re about the same size then it may not be making enough of a difference for people to notice or complain about. But if the bottom layer has thick coils, this will likely create more support over time until there’s enough wear to feel different due to compression. 

Does putting plywood under the mattress help?

Putting plywood under your mattress can help you feel more comfortable, but it doesn’t take the place of an adequate bed frame.

Putting plywood or something else soft, like old foam mattresses or furniture foam, under a mattress provides for softer backing and better insulation. The mattress will still be compressed over time because there is no frame to give it any shape. When buying a new mattress make sure you also buy a good metal bed frame to put the whole thing on.

What do you put under a mattress on a platform bed?

I recommend mattress protectors (I like the ones from S&B) over deep cell mattresses to avoid the potential of indentations in the bed.

You can also get a bed frame that has slat-beds which will give you more flexibility in how you layout your mattress on the frame, but this may be an expensive option depending on what materials are used.

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